Aaron Burk

Software engineer and graphic designer.

Fault Tolerance in Distributed Tracing preview image

Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems: Tracing with ...

Confleunt blog post where I discuss how you can use Apache Kafka to ensure fault tolerance, storage, and replayability when introducing an external dependency to your distributed system.

Distributed Tracing preview image

Distributed Tracing with Apache Kafka and Jaeger

Blog post and example Apache Kafka project where I demonstrate how Jaeger is up to the challenge of tracing a distributed system while navigating a number of the common pitfalls.

Groovy Equals preview image

Equals, Is, CompareTo, and the Groovy Identity Operator

Blog post where I walk through how to appropriately ask if two objects are the same in Groovy. I talk about a == b and a.equals(b) and a.is(b) and I emphasize that it’s just as important to understand a fourth operation, a.compareTo(b).

Foldid Contacts preview image

Foldid Contacts

Web and iOS application that is no longer publicly available. In the app your contacts were connections with people that managed their own information. When your contact updated their information, you got the update immediately and automatically.

Pixel People Project preview image

Pixel People Project

Groovy web application for creating scalable user avatars entirely out of HTML/CSS. Brown hair? Brown beard? White shirt? Blue jacket? You got it! Pixel People Project is no longer publicly available.

T-shirt Design preview image

T-shirt Design

T-shirt design was a hobby of mine for many years and a number of t-shirts that I designed were available for purchase via companies like Nordstrom, Gap, and Threadless to name a few.

Stats of Life preview image

Stats of Life

Quirky website that would calculate and visualize a handful of stats about your life given your date of birth. Stats of Life is no longer publicly available.